Applications and References

This area provides information about relevant building which adopted Low Fire-Hazard cables. The Application
Sheets are organized by families of buildings of high fire hazard because of the critical escape conditions.
The smart hierarchical organization allows visitors to browse through each family.

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Hospitals and old peoples homes
In these buildings the speed of evacuation is critical. Many of the people present will need assistance during an evacuation and some activities can not be interrupted (e.g. surgical operations).

Schools and recreational buildings
These buildings are commonly crowded with young people who largely have little knowledge of fire precautions and fire alarms. Their delayed reactions in a fire could have huge consequences.

Museums and historical buildings
Most of those buildings date back more than three centuries and are not designed to enable a quick escape of people in case of fire; moreover they are often crowded. It is also desirable to protect the historical artefacts /exhibits in case of fire with reduced exposure to smoke and acidic gases.

Shopping centers
These buildings are designed to hold large numbers people,  often entire families,  who are not familiar with the building's fire alarms and escape routes. Both of these could cause delays during an evacuation.

Railway Stations and Airports
These buildings are commonly quite crowded of people who are not familiar with the building's fire alarms and escape routes. Moreover most of the people speak a different language. These facts could cause confusion and delay in escape.